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Taking Pet Bird

Traveling from the U.S. to Belgium with your pets
Sending pets unaccompanied to Belgium

Traveling from the US to Belgium with your pets

There are two levels of importation formalities:

  • the sanitary importation formalities

  • the CITES importation formalities.

1.1. Regarding the sanitary importation formalities

1.1.1. For birds in general

If you are traveling on the same plane with your pet, the formalities are simple.

 Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with an International Health Certificate.

On this certificate, he will have to mention the following statement:

 I ….(the veterinarian will have to write his name) certify that I personally checked the animal and I concluded that the animal is in good health, fit to travel, and exempt from any usual disease associated to the specie.

The health certificate must be issued within 48 hours prior to the travel.

1.1.2. For birds belonging to the Psittacid family

If your bird belongs to the Psittacid family, you must respect the following additional requirements:

  • The owner must fill out the form Importation of Psittacids (Pdf) for private purpose. As you will see, your bird will have to stay at least 30 days in quarantine at your home in Belgium.

  • The owner must also fill out the form Going to Belgium with a pet - Information Form (Word)

    ð These 2 forms must be faxed to the Belgian Veterinarian Services in Brussels. They will process your request and send you back the form "Importation of Psittacids for Private Purpose" with a mention of the Veterinarian assigned to your case.

  • Your veterinarian must fill out the form Origin and Health Certificate for Import of Psittacids (Pdf). This must be issued within 48 hours prior to entry into Belgium.

1.2. Regarding the CITES importation formalities

First find out the scientific name of your animal,

Check if your animal belongs to the species protected by CITES

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, which protects many species of animals and plants to ensure that commercial demand does not threaten their survival in the wild. To know more about CITES, you can access their web site at http://www.cites.org/CITES/


If your animal belongs to the list of endangered species protected by CITES, you must:

Get a CITES Export Permit delivered by the American Authorities.

To do so, please contact Fish and Wildlife at the following address:

United States Department of Interior
Fish and Wildlife Service
Convention of Washington - Office of the Management Authority
4401 North Fairfax drive - Room 700
Arlington, VA 22303-3507
Tel: (703) 358.2104 or Tel: 1.800.358.2104
Fax: (703) 358.1732 or  Fax: 703.358.2281
http://www.fws.gov(International Affairs)


Get a CITES Import Permit delivered by the Belgian Authorities

To do so, the importer must submit a CITES Import permit request to the Belgian Veterinarian Services at the following address:

Service Public Fédéral Santé publique,
Sécurité de la Chaîne alimentaire et Environnement
Direction générale Animaux, Végétaux et Alimentation
Service Bien-être animal et CITES

Bloc II – 7ème étage
Place Victor Horta 40 bte 10

Federale Overheid Dienst Volksgezondheid,
Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu
Directoraat-generaal Dier, Plant en Voeding
Dienst Dierenwelzijn en CITES
Blok II – 7de verdieping
Victor Hortaplein 40 bus 10

Tel: Head/jefe/chef (Vétérinaire Directeur): +32 (2) 524 74 00
Fauna: +32 (2) 524 74 01/02
Flora: +32 (2) 524 74 06
Fax: Head/jefe/chef (Vétérinaire Directeur): +32 (2) 524 74 47
Secretariat/Secretaría/Secrétariat: +32 (2) 524 74 49
Email: Head/jefe/chef (Vétérinaire Directeur): georges.evrard@health.fgov.be
Flora: anne.vandenbloock@health.fgov.be
Fauna : frans.arijs@health.fgov.be


Caution! The importer will have to attach to the request a copy of the CITES Export Certificate issued by the American authorities.

Sending pets unaccompanied to Belgium

You have to follow the same procedure as described above. There is also an additional requirement: you must get an Import Authorization.

To do so, you must fill out the following forms and return them to the Belgian Veterinarian Services in Brussels.

After Belgian Veterinarian Services in Brussels examine your request, they will send you back the Import Authorization.

For your convenience please find enclosed useful addresses, phone and fax numbers :

Embassy of Belgium
3330 Garfield Street NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: 202.333.6900
Email: washington@diplobel.org
Belgian Veterinarian Services
Dhr. Moelans Joan
World Trade Center 3 - 5th Floor
Boulevard Simon Bolivar 30
B-1000 Brussels


* In any case, we also highly encourage the owner to double check with the airline company about any additional requirements.

* The animal must travel with the original of the certificates.

* For information on taking your pet back into the United States, please contact the US Department of Agriculture at




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