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Visa for Employees

NEW: Biometric visa at the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C.

People who apply for a visa at the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C. will receive a visa which contains biometrics. At the moment of your application, a picture and your fingerprints will be taken.

To determine the consular office where you should introduce your application and to check office hours, please , click here.


Do you need a Temporary Residency Visa?

A citizen of the United States of America or of any country other than a Member State of the European Union who intends to reside in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days, or for a succession of periods totaling more than 90 days per 6 months, must first obtain a temporary residency visa.

When the applicant seeks to engage in a professional activity on a salaried basis (employee status), the required residency visa can only be issued upon the presentation of a work permit and supporting documents.

The work permit is applied for and must be obtained by the employer in Belgium at the appropriate regional government office before the prospective employee enters Belgium.

The employer mails the work permit to you, the employee.  You can then contact the appropriate consular office in whose jurisdiction you are a resident, to apply for the temporary residency visa.  Please request your  visa at least three weeks prior to you intended departure date.  The normal processing time for this type of visa is one week.  For non US citizens, the processing time may be considerably longer.

If you intend a stay in Belgium as an au pair (age limit 18 to 26), and have a host family willing to sponsor you, please contact the Embassy or the Consulate General (click here) as specific regulations apply.

How to apply:

Please submit in person:

1. A valid national passport (validity 15 months).

2. Two visa application forms duly completed, dated and signed.

3. Two recent passport-size photographs.

Include three sets of the following documents (one original set of documents and two copies) collated and stapled:

The originals will be returned to you together with your passport and visa.  You will need them to register at city hall in Belgium.

4. A valid work permit.

5. A nationwide criminal history record (FBI Identification Record) covering the last five years, obtained from the FBI CJIS Division (Record Request, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306), dated within six months of your date of application for the visa. For more information, please go to the FBI website.  Please note that you also had to submit an original to your employer for the work permit application.

6. A medical certificate according to the model enclosed, on the doctor’s letterhead. For a list of doctors affiliated with the Embassy or the Consulate General, click here.

If you choose your family physician, the doctor's signature needs to be notarized. The medical document should be less than 3 months old from the date of your application.

7. Visa application fee: 70.00 USD in cash, certified check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted.

In the Embassy in Washington, you can also pay with a credit card.

Coordination center employees:

all the above documents (except for the work permit) and in addition:

8. Employees of coordination centers are exempt from the work permit. In lieu of the work permit they need to present an employment contract issued by the employer, i.e. the authorized coordination center in Belgium. A copy of the Belgian official paper ("het Belgisch Staatsblad/Le Moniteur Belge") showing the approval by the Belgian government of the coordination center should also be provided.

A personal appearance is required and you must apply in person at the Embassy or Consulate General in whose jurisdiction you reside.

If you wish to make the application by mail  (this is possible at the consulates in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, but not at the Embassy in Washington, DC), the following requirements apply:
(1) your signature on the application form must be notarized (certified) by a notary public of your place of residence in the U.S.

(2) do not send your application documents to an Honorary Consul. The application will be processed by the Embassy or by a Consulate General. Always make sure you mail your application to the competent Embassy or Consulate General.  Only the Honorary Consuls in Nassau (Bahamas) and San Juan (Porto Rico) may accept visa applications and they will send them to the Embassy..


After verification of your application, a personal appearance will still be necessary to collect your passport with the visa.


For your dependent family members:

The US spouse and dependent children (under 18 years) of an American citizen who has obtained a work permit and a temporary residency visa, do not need a type D visa prior to entering Belgium. The family members should have valid US passports and should submit the following documents at the municipality where they have to register within 8 days after arrival in Belgium.

1. A valid national passport (validity 15 months).

2. A certified true copy of the birth certificate for the spousa and the children with an apostille.

3. the marriage certificate for the spouse with an apostille.

4. Proof that the principal visa applicant is authorized to reside in Belgium (copy of work permit).

5. A nationwide criminal history record (FBI Identification Record) covering the last five years, obtained from the FBI CJIS Division (Record Request, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306), dated within six months of your date of application for the visa. For more information, please go to the FBI website. 

You will need translations (in French or Dutch) of the US birth certificates and marriage certificates to register in the commune where you will reside.



It is important that you register yourself and your family with the City Hall of your place of residence in Belgium within 8 days of your arrival. Make sure that all passports are endorsed by the immigration authorities when first entering Belgium (at airport or other border post).

The local authorities will process your registration identity document that will allow you to enter and leave the country as a legal temporary resident of Belgium.

Preferential procedure for important investors:

Individuals planning to make a significant investment in Belgium, may be entitled to enjoy a preferential application procedure.  These investors would be exempt from obtaining the work permit prior to applying for the temporary residency visa.  The aim of this simplified procedure is to issue a temporary residency visa of a maximum duration of 8 months (which can be extended) to important investors.  Investors will still need the work permit or professional card before starting their business activities in Belgium.  However, the procedure to obtain the work permit or professional card can be completed in Belgium after the applicant has received the temporary residency visa in the U.S. and has entered Belgium.  Further information can be obtained from the federal and regional investment offices in Belgium and the Embassy or Consulates General in the United States.



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